Regardless of your claim type, we can help.

Insurance adjusters work for insurance companies.

Public adjusters work for you. Having an experienced adjuster on your side makes all the difference.

Although insurance company adjusters are under legal obligation to assess damages fairly, things can be overlooked. It is an established fact that claims handled by public adjusters result in substantially higher payouts. Insurance companies are in the business of making money; limiting financial exposure in claims is part of their business model.

The claims process can be overwhelming and confusing; it makes sense to have an expert advocate on your behalf when dealing with large sums of money.

Our services include a comprehensive appraisal of damages, negotiation with the insurance companies, and arrangement of settlements, all with our customer’s interests in mind.

As public insurance adjusters, we are experts in the details and language of insurance policies, as well as at filing and adjusting claims.

The process of evaluating, completing and submitting an insurance claim is complex and no two situations are the same. As a policyholder, you have little to lose in hiring a public adjuster.

Insurance companies will never voluntarily pay more than an amount claimed. Each of our customers receives an exhaustive review of their individual situation.

Submitting an accurate, detailed claim is crucial to getting the maximum amount of money from an insurance company to cover a property loss. As licensed and bonded insurance adjusters, our job is to ensure all damages are accounted for in your claim.

Denied | Underpaid

If your claim was denied or you believe it was underpaid, you have options.

As a customer of your insurance company, you have every right to be upset if your claim is denied.

Monthly insurance payments should entitle you to adequate compensation for any damages to your home. If you filed a claim yourself and it was denied, there is a good chance we can re-open or re-file on your behalf.

If you believe your insurance claims underpaid, you are likely correct!

It is common to reopen insurance claims from up to three years ago for the purpose of determining whether the policyholder was given a fair settlement for damanges. Our adjusters can review the loss as well as the cause of loss, and discuss your options.

Business Model

We believe in transparency, efficiency and accuracy. Our core business value is being pro-active and is what sets us apart. Our process is constantly evolving and is what makes us the best in Florida.


Our internal claim tracking and management software ensures the fastest resoluton while maximizing payouts.


Claims where we require feedback on the policyholders behalf are flagged in our system and we reach out immediately.

Status Updates

As part of our pro-active mindset, weekly automated status emails ensure that our customers know what is going on with their claim.



Ronald AdamsonRonald Adamson
19:13 10 Apr 24
Only complaint I have at the very beginning I wasn't made fully aware what Top Tier job and position would be in the this venture.
Steve HarrisonSteve Harrison
22:05 09 Apr 24
David OgdenDavid Ogden
02:37 09 Apr 24
It was great to do the whole process with the company. Thank you David Ogden
Bridget GennettBridget Gennett
22:12 05 Apr 24
Top Tier was truly Top Tier! They were patient with all my questions and had all the answers. They got the job done and their follow through was exemplary. I would recommend them to anyone needing a public adjuster.Dalena Nguyen and Thao Nguyen were part of the team and took me over the finish line. Great job!
21:22 25 Mar 24
Michael WatermanMichael Waterman
01:29 22 Mar 24
Top Tier handled the full home insurance claim process on our roof replacement. They are professional and thorough. It was well worth the cost, as their adjustor process saved us over $20,000 on our roof.
20:00 21 Mar 24
Top Tier Public Adjusters are a top notch company with awesome reps and customer service.They handled my claim with promptness, professionalism and courtesy keeping me informed every step of the way.Thanks so much for your service.Esp, Ms Tonya and Mr Adams.
Victor CardenalVictor Cardenal
19:15 21 Mar 24
The folks at Top Tier were great! They helped me fight to get me the money needed to replace my entire roof vs the insurance company wanting to give me 5 thousand to “repair” my roof all the while they sent a letter stating they would cancel my coverage if I didn’t show proof of a roof replacement because of the age of my home.
Nino SNino S
16:05 21 Mar 24
Fake reviews, they take money before paying out for job, and then you are left with thousands of dollars owing to the company who is doing work and then that company put lien on your home. They don’t fight for you, they are not on your side and they are low tier scam adjusters that work with roofing pros USA, find out for yourself when you call to Florida insurance fraud department.
Mary KollydasMary Kollydas
22:53 11 Mar 24
Let me start off by saying don’t go to anyone else, but top tier!!!! — at the beginning, we started to lose a little Hope, but let me tell you when we did that mediation they went in with a bang, and did the damn thang😂 they really did! By the grace of God my family was able to get the help for their roof which was needed! They kept us informed the entire time through email and phone calls step-by-step was discussed!! And the best part was they stayed on top of their job they did not quit working! —I wish I could remember everyone’s names that helped out during this process, but most recently we had Thao and Tyler - he was our Public Adjuster representing us in the mediation. We give all the thanks to this company and everyone that worked so hard during this time for us!!! A+
Belinda McnicklesBelinda Mcnickles
03:29 02 Mar 24
This company is the worst at responding and drag their feet with your claims. Do not waste your time. Go elsewhere.Update: this company contacted me the same day(on a Saturday)I posted this review. He was apologetic and advised me he would personally look into the matter. On Monday following this review, I received notification that my check was being mailed to me.I was heard after this review and the company settled my concerns with a concession.
Juan BorrasJuan Borras
16:43 26 Feb 24
Ciara CherryCiara Cherry
19:11 02 Feb 24
This job was a dream job for me,I looked forward to coming to work every day, however after six months of being here, soon realized that it was extremely toxic and some of the management is extremely unprofessional and immature. I was recently fired over here say and not even asked if I was the one smoking weed in the office or not when everyone in the office Who works in this office smokes, even management smokes With some of the staff and or gives edibles out to the staff, I personally smoked with the manager Brianna and received edibles from the invoicing manager Carly. I have been nothing but kind of these people In this office. Although my attendance hasn’t been great, I would come in every day and give it my all. Once again, this job was my dream job don’t be fooled by the fake smiles, and the fake kindness that they present to you Every time they will throw you under the bus, if it means to save themselves, even if they were being unprofessional or doing things They weren’t supposed to do. When I asked to speak to the owner about my employment, and what took place All of a sudden, I was not allowed to speak to him, and I was kicked out of the place as if I was a person who caused problems,I was treated extremely unfairly and wrongfully fired without any explanation, I would’ve never jeopardize my job over smoking weed when I could’ve gone home If it was that serious. If you’re looking for a job, don’t apply here unless you plan on staying to yourself and Not making friends or being nice to anybody I would’ve given this place five stars but as far as The employment aspect of things this place is toxic and the crazy part is that Jake Know Nothing about what really goes on when he’s not around. As if I wasn’t already bullied by another staff member before she was fired. Now I had to go through this if I would’ve known that this was going to happen I would’ve left a long time ago and saved myself the trouble and the embarrassment. Don’t apply here!!!
robert bennettrobert bennett
17:13 20 Dec 23
Tommy and staff at TopTier handled my roof damage repair claim very professionally, interceding for me, between the insurance and roofing companies. They made what could have been a challenging task, had we done it on our own, an effortless process for us. We highly recommend Top Tier.
Erica LewinErica Lewin
21:02 01 Nov 23
The team at Top Tier have made my entire claim situation so easy and efficient. I would never do this process on my own without their support and guidance in the future. Thank you so much, Top Tier Team.
solomon beyenesolomon beyene
18:45 27 Oct 23
I highly recommend top tier public adjuster. We had insurance claim for hurricane damage to our roof. Our insurance company came out and the damage was less than the deductible.Being naive of the process, I thought I would just call my insurance company and they will come out and take care of us. I’m not too proud to admit I was wrong.I called top tier public Adjester and they send their adjuster( sorry forgot his name) and they told us the damage is way more than what the insurance company said.Top tier public Adjester are amazing and obviously really know what they are doing.Especially I can’t thanks enough Adamaris valle, she is very helpful, polite and professional. Thao Nguyen, Toya and all top tier team keep up with the good work.I will never make insurance claim with out using top tier public adjuster and again I highly recommend top tier.
Mario TozziMario Tozzi
14:51 13 Oct 23
My insurance claim for damage to my roof was initially denied. I went to Top Tier to represent me. Although you have to have patience to go thru the process...it took several months. The case went to arbitration and the results exceeded my expectations. Thank you for all of the folks at Top Tier from your weekly updates to your final results.
Richard JacoxRichard Jacox
21:30 21 Sep 23
These folks are way too busy. You really have to assert yourself to get their attention. But they are improving. Recently, I got the phone number for my Public Adjuster's assistant. He was able to address the questions I had. They have been performing but had little time to communicate. Hopefully, things will get even better
Sherri SkipperSherri Skipper
17:40 14 Sep 23
My home sustained a lot of damage from hurricane Ian. (The roof, water damage, personal property loss.) The insurance company offered nothing. Stating the damage was less than my deductible. I hired Top Tier. They were kind and professional at a time when I was overwhelmed. They guided me in the process. We went to forced mediation and again the insurance company offered pennies on the dollar. I didn't think I had another option. Feeling defeated. When Charlotte suggested forced Appraisal with the insurance company. They continued to work the process on my behalf. It took a calendar year. Today I am ecstatic. I was awarded the full value of the claim. I can now repair and restore my home. This is a company of ALL STARS!
Fred MacNaughtonFred MacNaughton
20:11 26 Apr 23
I was totally satisfied with my dealings with Top Tier Public Adjusters. They helped me secure the necessary funds to complete the damage to my residence from hurricane Ian.
Judi WallachJudi Wallach
01:01 22 Apr 23
I want to thank everyone at Top Tier Adjusters! Especially Adam who stood by my side, answered all my questions, was very patient & explained step by step process. I highly recommend them!!!Thank you
wilson neveswilson neves
23:14 19 Apr 23
hello, a brief summary that I will do with what I had with the "top tier public adjusters," when I contacted them, I had a problem with my home insurance company, I had paid the annual premium and after three months this same company insurance, refunded what I had paid and declared it broken, except that my ceiling was leaking and, in terrible conditions, that's when "TOP TIER PUBLIC ADJUSTERS" came into the picture, and, in a very short time, it solved my problems, causing the insurance company to assume any and all expenses to rebuild my roof, . Grateful , thanks to TOP TIER PUBLIC ADJUSTERS
N AljN Alj
15:17 18 Apr 23
I never had to submit a claim for home insurance and discovered the whole ordeal is a nightmare. Top Tier assisted me throughout the whole process after my claim was initially declined by the insurance Co.My claim was eventually resolved.Thank you
Stacey ChurchillStacey Churchill
21:05 09 Dec 22
Top Tier helped me with my insurance company by providing thorough documentation of all the damage caused to my home by a storm, attempting mediation with the insurance company and then helping me find a lawyer (that they worked with) when mediation failed. I appreciate all their help.
Jimmy luJimmy lu
00:28 06 Nov 22
This is an excellent company. They took my parents roof damaged case when no one did. Weekly updated and always returned our call super fast. Best of all, they got us the settlement.Jimmy was our adjuster. Thank you
Jillian TraughberJillian Traughber
15:24 12 Oct 22
They helped get my roof claim appoved fast and with no issues at all I would definitely recommend their services to anyone thanks again top tier
Dustin KegerisDustin Kegeris
16:59 10 Oct 22
Top Tier was recommended to me, and I couldn't have asked for a better company. Their communication was timely and efficient, they answered my questions every time I called and asked (which was a lot), and most importantly, they successfully challenged a denied claim and got us exactly what we needed for a new roof. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who is looking for a public adjustor. Special shout out to Jimmy, who was amazing and very patient with me in the midst of the process.
Will JacksonWill Jackson
18:11 22 Sep 22
Top Tier managed to help me recover half of the funds needed to replace my roof when my insurance company flat out refused to help. I would highly recommend their services. Very professional and excellent communication.
Angel DillanderAngel Dillander
14:36 22 Sep 22
After insurance wouldn't cover damage on roof a public adjuster was hired through the Fortified Roofing solutions. From the beginning Jimmy was in constant contact with us. Emails were sent weekly with updates. Highly recommend On Your Side Public Adjusters. In the end they got the roof covered almost 100%.
jonathan colonjonathan colon
14:14 22 Sep 22
On Your Side was amazing from start to finish in helping with my roof claim. Communication was consistent every week. I felt comfortable with them handling my claim.
Geri TGeri T
15:05 31 Aug 22
Top Tier did an excellent job negotiating with my Insurance Company to get our new roof covered.I highly recommend them!
Kesineni SudheerKesineni Sudheer
20:56 09 Aug 22
Great customer service and they were able to win my case, I will recommend on your side public adjusters
Elizabeth Du PezaElizabeth Du Peza
16:37 08 Jul 22
On Your Side Public Adjusters got a settlement from my insurance company quickly so we could get our roof redone in time for hurricane season.
Radha TRadha T
16:13 08 Jun 22
Awesome Experience. I was a bit nervous regarding the process, but they took care of everything and made the process so simple and easy. Results were excellent. I am satisfied with price and service from staff. I would definitely recommend this company.
Daniel RodgersDaniel Rodgers
13:27 28 May 22
The personnel at at On Your Side PA were efficient, and responsive to us. They made the process flow smoothly. We are very happy to have work with them.
kellie corderkellie corder
18:57 12 May 22
Ada with on your side public adjusting is absolutely amazing!!!!We were in a nightmare situation where our insurance company got taken over by another and things were running probably 6 months behind. This wouldn’t have been a big deal but we were selling our house and couldn’t sell with an open claim. Ada was diligent and went above and beyond to figure everything out for us. I can honestly say my claim wouldn’t have closed and my house wouldn’t have been able to be sold without her hard work. If this whole company is as good as Ada, I would recommend them to any friend or family member!


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